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Introducing the Patent-Pending Extendable Exfoliating Loofah by Jolley Essentials – a groundbreaking self-care innovation designed to transform your body cleansing routine. Made from authentic African net material, our extendable loofah offers unparalleled exfoliation, catering to a wide range of skin types.


Experience a lather and cleansing journey that leaves your skin irresistibly smooth and exceptionally clean. Crafted from durable nylon fibers, our African net loofah combines traditional exfoliation techniques with modern durability, ensuring a product that not only lasts longer but also supports your skin's health. The extendable design of this loofah allows for effortless reach across the body, making every spot accessible for a thorough and even cleanse.


What sets our loofah apart is its commitment to sustainability. As a machine-wash-safe product, it offers convenience while reducing waste, ultimately saving you time and money. Embrace a sustainable choice without compromising on quality or effectiveness.


The Jolley Essentials Extendable Exfoliating Loofah is more than just a bathing accessory; it's a lifestyle change. With its patent-pending technology, superior exfoliation, and eco-friendly design, this loofah is poised to revolutionize your self-care routine. Upgrade to a product that not only cares for your skin but also for the planet.




Fast drying

Bacteria free



Machine washable

Various types of exfoliation


NOTE: Don’t just pick a color…there’s more to it! Each color has a level of coarseness?

White - Extra Light (1)

Yellow - Light (2)

Orange - Light (2)

Lime Green - Light (2)

Black - Light (2)

Hot Pink - Medium (3)

Fuchsia - Medium (3)

Red - Medium (3)

Purple - Heavy (4)

Turquoise - Heavy (4)

Royal Blue - Extra Heavy (5)

Jollified Luffa Sponge - African Net Extendable Exfoliating Loofah

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Jollified Luffa
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Jollified Luffa
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    • Wet thoroughly before use.
    • Works well with our 100% organic Charcoal Infused Black Soap.
    • Work into a full lather and wash your body thoroughly.
    • Extend your luffa sponge its max and capture the exfoliation across your back and other hard to reach places.
    • When finished, rinse thorughly with warm water, shake well and hang or use travel case to dry.
    • For the best results, use our moisture replenshing Jollified Hydro Butter on your skin, soon after drying your body.
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