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Yes...It's a liquid! Your eyes are not deceiving you, our Jollified Black Soap is in liquid form. Your skin will love and appreciate the Jollified Black Soap's ability to remove all dirt, oil and debris; while also deep cleansing and healing unwanted black marks and blemishes. Our liquid formula is less abrasive then most traditional black soap bars, leaving your skin squeaky clean. You will never has felt cleaner after you try our Jollified Black Soap for the first time.

Jollified BLACK SOAP

$20.00 Regular Price
$18.00Sale Price


  • Wet your Jollified Luffa Sponge with water and add 3 pumps of the Jollified Black soap. Massage the Jollified Luffa Sponge until you begin to see a slight lather. Once the lather is activated, gentily add at tad bit more water to work up to your desired lather. Remember, a little bit goes a long way. Wash your face or body thoroughly, then rinse all dirt and lather completely  from your body until you are fully soap free. You may repeat these steps if necessary; otherwise lightly towel dry and use our Jollified Hydro Butter to seal in the moisture. 

    You have now been JOLLIFIED! 

    How di body? Di body Jollified!

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